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Rain gutter maintenance is amongst the most significant home maintenance jobs to perform on the exterior of your home. Ignoring gutter routine maintenance could lead to damage and pricey repairs of the soffit, fascia, home wall (exterior and interior), roof decking areas, along with other structures neighboring your premises.

gutteringRain gutters should be cleaned out more regularly if there’s trees surrounding your place or maybe if there is trees and shrubs in your close local community. Throughout the fall season, any time all of those trees and shrubs start dropping their dead leaves, you should get the gutters cleaned up several times.

Don’t forget to complete your final gutter and downspout maintenance / check-up at the conclusion of the fall season, when all the tree dried leaves have disappeared. The best strategy to learn how your gutters are performing is to go outside during the rain and check your downspouts.

To clean up a lightly dirty guttering, you could use a garden hose and clean all of the debris into the downspout, and then pick up whatever failed to make its way down in the downspout attachment area.

Perhaps it’s feasible to clean out the gutter from the ground by using a garden hose attachment. Should you have some kind of guttering leaf guards installed, you will need to remove them to begin with.

Always try to use utility gloves to cover your hands from gutters sharp edges and joint screws. Safety glasses are also strongly recommended.

For the blocked downspout, try to use your garden hose-pipe – just make sure the lower on the down pipe is clear and free from guttersclutter before you stick the hose-pipe in the top opening. Filling a blocked downspout with water definitely will put plenty of stress on all joints and downspout supports – it might cause the entire downspout set up to break up.

Flushing the guttering or downpipe with a garden hose while standing at the top of the ladder is certainly risky. Water filled garden hose is heavy and might pull you down from the ladder – preferably, it needs to be properly secured / anchored above the area that you are dealing with / not to the ladder!

seamless -guttersGutters on taller homes, with rooftops over the tree line, might only need cleaning annually (or every other year), usually in the down pipe attachment area. But bear in mind, their seams may get broken and start leaking periodically as well.

It all will depend on on the amount of corrosion – coming across slightly corroded lower down pipe could be a sign of a seriously corroded interior, and if that is the case the guttering or its portion would would need replacement.

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